Running away
from the circus

In 2007, after over 30 years of performances in venues ranging from the finest theatrical palaces to the most rickety fairground stages, R.W. Bacon closed the book on showbusiness in favor of the museum program "A Vaudeville Retrospective," detailed elsewhere. The links below are provided for those curious about (1) the now-retired touring theatrical shows (Mr Slim's Goodtime Ragtime Vaudeville Revival, and Mr. Slim & L.J.: Classic Comedy Juggling), featuring R.W. Bacon and his wife, L.J. Newton; (2) books & workshops on R.W. Bacon's juggling specialties; (3) career details, anecdotes, mentors, & friends. The links open as self-contained PDF files in a new window. Enjoy!

Welcome ...

Welcome to the Internet home of R.W. Bacon (that's me), an editor/designer, museum professional, historian/author, and performing artist whose tangible home-base in the world is in the coastal community of Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA. This web site summarizes the range of professional museum services and programs offered, including the illustrated lecture, performance, and exhibition especially for museums, "A Vaudeville Retrospective," the Living History of Early 20th Century Popular Entertainment, with presenter R.W. Bacon (me again) as "The Last Living Vaudevillian."

This introductory page aims to be an understated overview of site content. (Yes, this is a deliberate and self-conscious effort to avoid the constant hyperbole associated with my prior career in the performing arts!)

The Museum Services section. When you explore the site and follow your areas of interest, you will find pages of informative content, representative samples of my museum-related work, and useful links to learn more about the areas of professional expertise. My no-nonsense mantra carried into the museum field from my performing days --- "Talk is cheap. See the work." --- is repeated frequently, with adjacent links to PDF files so you can "see the work" for yourself.

The Presentations & Exhibitions section of this web site leads to comprehensive information about "A Vaudeville Retrospective," and how to arrange a lecture/performance at your museum, historical society, library, or college theatre department.

Looking to purchase books by R.W. Bacon? To read complete descriptions of books by this author on various topics, or to make a secure purchase online via PayPal, vist the companion Variety Arts Press web site.

Looking for R.W. Bacon, showbusiness version?

To those looking for the veteran acrobatic juggler/unicyclist, jazz tenor banjoist, and comic dancer --- Yes, that's me. I am recently retired from a 35-year career in commercial showbusiness, but still include performance excerpts in the Vaudeville history presentation for museums, "A Vaudeville Retrospective." My wife and partner, the sensational club-juggler L.J. Newton, retired from the stage in 1999. We are still happy, healthy, and injury-free after a well-traveled and fulfilling career. (See the links in the sidebar at the right for additional information, especially the profiles on selected mentors and friends.) Since I was a journalist/editor/designer before showbusiness, and a researcher/author/historian during, the transition to the museum field was a natural fit. To distant friends, longtime fans, fellow performers, and former juggling/circus arts students, I would be glad to hear of your recent adventures. To new friends and museum colleagues intrigued about the performing arts career, please feel free to explore the various links at the right. Thank you. --- Reg Bacon

A note on our cyber-world: Please note that time constraints preclude participation in MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, SpacedOut, or other networking sites. R.W. Bacon is fully engaged with today's technology, but he neither twitters nor chatters, and there is no separate daily blog site. (On this site, at the sidebar on the right, there are articles & essays, and more may be added.) Please be assured, however, that R.W. Bacon can be easily and readily contacted by e-mail or phone. Thank you for understanding.