Publications & Projects

Through the touring years years in showbusiness, progress on elective research and writing projects moved like a glacier. But like a glacier, the force behind it is powerful and relentless. Therefore in recent years a few of these research projects have finally made it into print, joining the books on performing arts specialties first published in the 1980s.This page summarizes publications currently available.

Since 1983 Variety Arts Press has been the publisher of books by the journalist/editor, historian, museum professional, and performing artist Reginald W. Bacon. To read descriptions of the books, preview selected pages, and purchase books securely online via PayPal, visit the companion web site at Variety Arts Press.

Books & Publications

New for 2015 --- Available NOW!:
Two companion books on writing, editing, typography, & design

Current Projects

Currently most efforts are directed toward the refinement of "A Vaudeville Retrospective" and its companion programs. This includes the compilation of The Curator's Guide to American Vaudeville, a companion book that aims to ease the path for curators of related popular culture exhibitions over the next few decades. Other projects in the works are Vol. II of Early Families of Middletown, Conn. (1654-1700), and The Juggler's Manual of Peripheral Paraphernalia: Acrobatic Juggling & Combination Stunts on the Unicycle, Rola-Bola, & Rolling Globe. Following in priority is a wholesale revision of The Bacon/Weeks Story: People, Places, & Events Through the Generations, a narrative family history first compiled in 2002.