What they're
saying about
"A Vaudeville

Posted below are a few comments gathered from focus group audiences. (Questionnaires were distributed to ascertain the public perception of Vaudeville, and to identify common misconceptions.)

"I had not
the scale of the
industry, or
the incomes of
the performers."

"I'm fascinated
by all the cultural
and technological
changes that led
to the rise and
fall of Vaudeville."

"Most interesting
were the
personalities and
biographies of the
performers. And I
love a good banjo!"

During a performing arts career, your presenter always noted with amusement that some of the most interesting language in reviews came from uncredited writers working for smaller-market publications. Here are a few memorable excerpts:

"These jugglers have more moves than a chess tournament!"
--- Haverhill (Mass.) Gazette

"He is at once a study in perpetual motion and a master of balance."
--- Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin

"... a master with his hands, his daring, exciting feats drew double-takes."
--- York (Pa.) Record

... And finally, my favorite example of solid, even-tempered Midwestern understatement:

"They were
pretty good."

--- Marysville (Ohio) Journal-Tribune

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By now, chances are you have explored the web site and familiarized yourself with "A Vaudeville Retrospective," the illustrated lecture, performance, and exhibition for museums, historical societies, libraries, and college theatre departments. In the process, chances are you acquired a general understanding of Vaudeville and determined that the program will be a good fit for your venue, exhibition, or audience. Now you need the technical fine-print, so here it is:

Primary Programs

Related Programs

Program Brochure ...
& A Curator's Primer on American Vaudeville

Venues & Audience

"A Vaudeville Retrospective" was conceived expressly for presentation at museums, historical societies, college theatre departments, and libraries.

A program for adult audiences! While the typical 1880-1930 Vaudeville show aimed squarely at a general family audience, this historical program aims squarely at an adult audience. "A Vaudeville Retrospective" is undeniably lively, full of musical effervescence and high-energy physical feats appealing to all, but it is also context-rich and information-packed, full of social, cultural, economic, and technological connections that would likely tax the attention span of most young children. Therefore any publicity can use the upbeat descriptive phrase from the press release: "literate, informative, and fun for adults," or in certain mutually-agreed program circumstances, "suitable for age 10-and-up."

Technical Requirements

"A Vaudeville Retrospective" is a self-contained presentation with sound system, digital projection system, extensions, power strips, backdrop or screen (if needed), and all tables, stools, stands, podium, and prop cases.

Requirements include:

Minimum presentation/performance area: 12' deep x 16' wide; a stage is desirable but not necessary.

Optimum presentation/performance area: 20' deep x 24' wide; a stage is desirable but not necessary.

Ceiling height: 10'-plus is ideal; 8' is possible.

Lighting: General full stage wash; no spotlight please.

Access to electricity: 110v AC outlet.

Arrival, Load-in, Set-up: Arrival, load-in, set-up, tune-up, & warm-up at least three (3) hours prior to doors opening. Please arrange for adjacent parking/loading space and access to ramps & elevator. (Providing a load-in parking space immediately adjacent to the "stage door" is of utmost importance. Your presenter, "The Last Living Vaudevillian," still has plenty of youthful energy to unload and haul the contents of a full-size van, and roll the packed prop cases with the gusto of a stevedor. But he would much rather save his best energies for the presentation itself!)

Lobby Exhibition Requirements

The companion lobby exhibition, "American Vaudeville 1880-1930" is available for display in conjunction with the presentation of "A Vaudeville Retrospective" or its related programs. The portable exhibition is comprised of (1) five connected and hinged panels, each 7' high and 2' wide, and (2) a large upright theatrical trunk (18"x22"x44" closed) stocked with props, wardrobe items, and reproduction period ephemera. Bolted solidly to the side of the trunk is a chain-driven 6'-tall giraffe unicycle. Requirements: 10'-long display space along one wall --- or angled at a corner; access to 110v electricity (for optional audio); general lighting; security. (Contact the presenter directly for further information about how the exhibition can work in your specific space.)


"A Vaudeville Retrospective" carries full general liability insurance for both the presentation and completed operations. Certificates are available.

Program Fees & Contracts

Once you decide that "A Vaudeville Retrospective" is just the right program for your museum, exhibition, or audience, contact the presenter directly for a confidential discussion of logistics and fees based on your specific programming needs. One all-inclusive fee will be quoted that includes travel expenses. Upon approval, a contract will be sent that will serve as a helpful reminder of the modest technical needs.

Links to Press Releases & Publicity Materials

"A Vaudeville Retrospective" aims to be an active partner in promoting the presentation at your venue. Feel free to download these publicity materials: